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B-Mitzvah LA Calendar was created to easily check the Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates for the next 24 months in our community.
Please Add your events as soon as possible and use the Contact US form to submit any corrections and additions as soon as possible to keep the calendar up-to-date. Unless otherwise noted, the parties listed are in the evening.

Please note that the Events are sorted by the party date not the temple reading date.

***NOTE*** This site is for information purposes ONLY andis only as complete as the information provided by the families.There are no guarantees as to unforeseeable conflicts. This site is not affiliated with any synogogue, temple or school. Thank you!




Name Reading Date Temple Name Party Date Luncheon / Dinner Kids Party
Jayden Shilian
N/A Torat Hayim 9/22/2024 Luncheon Kids
Riley  Mansoury
9/28/2024 Sinai temple 9/28/2024 Luncheon
Riley  Mansoury
9/28/2024 Home 9/28/2024 Luncheon Kids & adults
Jonah Nickfardjam
9/14/2024 Wise 9/28/2024 Dinner
Juliet Pakizegi
9/21/2024 Sinai Temple 9/28/2024 Dinner
Blake  Akhtarzad
9/14/2024 WBT 9/28/2024 Dinner
Ari  Fard
9/14/2024 Home 9/28/2024 Dinner
Isla Akiva
9/28/2024 Sinai 9/28/2024 Dinner Kids and Adult Party
Preston Neman
9/28/2024 Sinai Temple 10/5/2024 Dinner
Katelyn Yeshova
9/28/2024 Sinai Temple 10/5/2024 Dinner - Party
Hayli Khalili
9/28/2024 Wise Temple 10/5/2024 N/A N/A
Hayli Khalili
9/28/2024 Wise Temple 10/5/2024 N/A N/A
Liam Javaheri
9/28/2024 Sephardic Temple 10/19/2024 Dinner Kids and adults
Jack Morgan
9/21/2024 Wilshire Blvd. Temple 10/26/2024

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